This week at Hennepin

It’s a New Day at Hennepin Church! Thanks to the help of many in the congregation, we are mapping out The Next Great Steps for Hennepin. New initiatives are being envisioned and we welcome all to join in this ongoing journey. There is a place for you at Hennepin Church.



Watch this brief welcome video and join us this week for worship at Hennepin Church!

…something was missing

A few years ago, I thought that I wanted God, not religion; I thought I was spiritual but did not want to be part of an official church community. Yet I also felt that something was missing from my life and from my relationship with God.  So one Sunday, for no particular reason, I went to the Many Voices service (11 […]

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If you are looking for a church where people are open to new ideas, respectful of other faiths, welcoming of all people, and have great passion for serving the community, we think you will enjoy being part of the community that is Hennepin Church.

Sermon Podcasts

Did you miss a Sunday? Want to know more about Hennepin Church? Listen to our Sermons From Hennepin podcasts which features the sermon from the 9:30AM Sanctuary Service. Listen

Pause by Sally Johnson.

Join Rev. Sally Johnson as she explores the Sacred moments of daily life. "Pause" is celebrating it's fifth year so plan to get lost in hours of thoughtful writing. Visit Pause

Sunday Worship

Hennepin has relevant and varied worship services that gather a diverse community into our intimate Border Chapel, our remarkable Art Gallery and our majestic Sanctuary. Find recent worship bulletins here. Visit Worship