A Morning of Celtic Music and Spirit

Sunday Morning, August 26th, we will celebrate the music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England at the Sacred Journey service at 9:00 AM in the Art Gallery. Joining in the music making will be internationally known piper Dick Hensold, a foremost Northumbrian piper. The service will be wrapped in the words and tunes that have inspired this ancient people to express their faith in God and love of the Creation. Please join us for an inspiring morning of music, poetry, prayer and community.

At 11:00 on the 26th we will journey to Ireland with poet and philosopher John O’Donohue in the final dvd he created before his untimely death in 2008 at the age of 52. A Celtic Pilgrimage takes the viewer through the beautiful Irish countryside that shaped O’Donohue’s poetry and expression of the Divine. Traveling the pilgrim walk of the many retreats he led there, it is both a breathtaking experience of landscape and a calming influence of word.