Why We Suffer and Struggle

Michael Dowd in Wednesday Evening Forum

Few things are more freeing and empowering than learning the science of why we struggle and suffer – and how to thrive, personally and relationally, even with Stone Age instincts in a world of Space Age temptations. Michael presented this theme in a TEDx talk and also at the United Nations. Hear him at Hennepin on Wednesday, August 15 at 7:00 PM.

Most of us know that our trials and temptations, our inner struggles, our troubling habits, our personal and relational challenges, are not literally the result of our great-great-great-great…grandmother eating an apple. The world’s faith traditions offer conflicting beliefs about our inner and outer nature, and our challenges. Fortunately, a knowledge-based view of reality is emerging that offers fresh and realistic hope for improving the quality of our lives and relationships. Rev. Michael Dowd celebrates how a meaningful and fully evidential understanding of reality is motivating people of all backgrounds and beliefs to live in integrity and to cooperate in service of a just and thriving future for all.

This event is being held in the Art Gallery at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. It is free and open to the public.