Young Adult Dinner Groups

Monthly Dinner Groups for People in their 20’s and 30’s Starting in September!

Dinner Group Kick-Off at 6:30pm on Wed Sept 5th in the Parsonage Backyard (look for the playground near the parking lot entrance of the church.) Come eat great food, meet new people, and find out about the dinner groups and the hosts. Brief descriptions are below.


Pizza and Prayer

Lizz Johnson and Krista Lucas
Day of the Month: 2nd Tuesdays
Meet the Hosts:
3 things you should know about Lizz:
I have a 1-year old dog named Junior.
My husband and I were married at HAUMC.
I am a Vikings football fan.
3 things about Krista:
I play handbells at HAUMC.
By day I’m a Montessori teacher.
Dinner groups are great because I love to cook and to eat!This group will meet on Sept 11, Oct 16, Nov 13, Dec 11


Casual Potluck

Christina and Damon Dahlheimer
Day of the Month: 3rd Wednesdays
Meet the host: We live in South Minneapolis. We try to spend time with our friends, be active, hang out, watch and/or play sports and take advantage of the Twin Cities as much as possible. We like to cook and we love to eat. Join us for a laid-back potluck.

This group will meet on Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 19




Breakfast for Dinner

Host: Elizabeth Doonan
Day of the Month: 2nd Wednesdays (except in September!)
Meet the host: I live in Kenwood and work downtown for a sales group that sells Sporting Goods to Target. I spend much of my time being active (biking, yoga, running) and enjoying the urban life! Things that interest me include traveling to unexpected places, meeting new people, and of course cooking! My hope is to build friendships within the Hennepin community and to grow spiritually along the way.

This is a “Breakfast for Dinner” group. If you enjoy things that are sometimes unexpected (like having breakfast for dinner!), then this group is for you! This group will meet Sept 19, Oct 10, Nov 14, and Dec 12th.


Around the World!

Hosts: Melissa and Kirk Ingram
Day of the Month: 3rd Tuesdays
Meet the Hosts: We just moved into our first house in St Louis Park. Kirk works for Target and Melissa is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota. We love trying new food and meeting new people and are avid Minnesota sports fans. We will host our dinner group the 3rd Tuesday of the month with an “Around the world” theme to try all different types of cuisines.

This group will meet on: Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 20, and Dec 18