5th & 6th Grade: Club 56

Sunday school for youth in Grades 5 and 6 is at 9:45 am. Students meet outside Carlson Hall and their teachers will accompany them to the Parsonage Basement (next door to the Church) and return them to Carlson Hall at 10:45 am.

Club 56 is designed to meet the changing needs of our pre-teens. Youth in Grades 5 and 6 often hunger for something different from younger kids, but they aren’t developmentally ready for Teen Ministries. Club 56 helps bridge the gap that preteens feel as they transition from their elementary to teenage years by using a format similar to youth programs, but with subject matter and activities that address their age-appropriate needs and issues. In order to best meet those needs and issues, Club 56 is designed as a holistic ministry that includes Sunday School and Fellowship. Changes have been made to each of those program areas to help ensure that our 5th and 6th grade youth experience their faith and their church community in fuller, deeper and more meaningful ways.

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Sunday School

Confirmation - Confirmation happens for 8th graders in the Fall, and students enroll at the end of 6th grade. 

Altar Choir – For children in grades 3-6


Harry Potter Camp

This action-packed camp will teach us the difference between a disciple of Christ and a muggle!  Using the Harry Potterbooks and movies we will learn how love triumphs over evil!  We will take a closer look at decision making, friendship and our faith.  Through Bible study, crafts, games and even a Quidditch match, we will learn what following Jesus is all about!

June 22-25, 2014 at the Koinonia Retreat Center

Call or visit Mark Peterson, Koinonia Program Director for more information or to sign up for these events!

Office: 612.871-5303
email: mark.peterson@haumc.org