Prison Ministry: Compass 180

Our mission is to partner with ex-offenders in finding new paths to making a living and living with purpose.

Compass 180, Hennepin’s Prison Ministry,  is not just about making meaningful change. It is about reconnecting to dreams. It is about finding paths to get you where you want to be. It is about fostering entrepreneurial discovery.

Ex-offenders need jobs, education and housing to succeed. Even more critical they need someone who cares and believes they can succeed.

They need a mentor.

The ability to support themselves and their families financially is a challenge. Lack of necessary skills, a minimal support network and a society reluctant to forgive make it a difficult task. Current economic times with it’s job loss and demand for resources have made this exceptionally hard and seeming hopeless. Compass 180 is about healing and hope. By this very act of healing we too are healed.