Congregational Care Ministries

Showing our care for one another is an essential part of Hennepin’s strength as a community of faith. A wide variety of programs provide opportunities for our members to extend ministries of service and support to other members.

The service can be as simple as signing your name on the greeting cards that are sent each week to members who are ill, or as creative as knitting baby blankets or prayer shawls for those in need of the love and warmth that they convey. Members who are health care professionals provide monthly screenings and education on blood pressure problems.  Other members use their talents as singers, pray-ers, or bakers to put their faith into action.  Visitors to our homebound members deliver both flowers and a time of fellowship. A monthly newsletter to the homebound and “snowbirds” keeps them informed on highlights from our Sunday worship services.  Grief support is provided through hospitality to the bereaved and guests at memorial services and connections to educational resources.

Throughout all of our caring ministries, we strive to show the spirit of God’s love to one another.  How do you show your care?

For additional information about any of these programs, or to volunteer your assistance, please contact Rev. Leah Rosso at 612-871-5303.