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Get Help at the Dignity Center

Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00 – 11:30 AM

Located in Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church
511 Groveland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403


Drop-in for your First Visit

  • Attend Orientation
  • Enjoy Hospitality
  • Talk with Specialists in housing, employment, healthcare and legal

Meet your advocate

  • Identify needs and goals
  • Create an action plan

Work Towards Action Plan Goals

  • Develop your advocate relationship
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Report action plan progress
  • Discuss and adjust goals
  • Follow action plan and document progress

Your Responsibilities

  • Make and Keep Appointments
  • Stay Clean and Sober

The Dignity Center works with people to achieve and maintain stability. Participants engage with one advocate, make and keep appointments, set goals and report actions taken to achieve those goals. We work together on stability skills such as problem solving, decision making, organization and budgeting. Progress is measured as improved housing, increased financial situation, completed education and training, and obtained employment.

A fishing rod, a hook, some bait …

Add 8 participants in the Dignity Center’s stability program, Combine with the skillful support of Hennepin church’s staff and Goodwill Easter Seals staff, And marinate for 3 days in the beautiful hospitable retreat facility that is Koinonia.

The result?

Well-rested, energized and motivated individuals – ready to re-engage the challenge of transforming their life circumstance in the pursuit of stability and dreams, armed with newly learned skills and perspectives, and the support of the growing positive community of Dignity Retreat graduates that meet monthly.

Brief Legal Services

VLN at DC-1

In pursuit of its mission to support each person’s stabilization, the Dignity Center is a host site for the Volunteer Laywers Network (VLN) brief legal services clinic. The on-site legal clinic allows clients to address their legal issues side-by-side with other issues creating instability in their lives. The VLN clinic is generally open on the same schedule as the Dignity Center:  Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00-11:30.

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Volunteer Now

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The Dignity Center is staffed by volunteers who are committed to helping participants make life changes so that they develop stable lifestyle including a source of income, a place to live and responsible behavior patterns. It takes many volunteers to provide service to participants and to support the program. There are always volunteer positions available to fit your skills, interests, and time constraints.

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Join Our Network

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Caring for the poor and homeless is a formidable task. But we believe that collaboration is crucial to realistically making a difference.  So the Dignity Center offers an opportunity for faith communities to become involved. Today there are fifteen faith based organizations collaborating with the Dignity Center – Congregational, Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Methodist and Unitarian. They are all concerned with the well-being of persons on the margins of society in the Twin Cities, and support the Dignity Center in a variety of ways.

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