Hennepin Foundation

I am the Foundation. Have you eaten at one of Hennepin’s Sunday Brunches?  Participated in a youth mission trip? Enjoyed the fellowship of others at a special worship service in Loring Park? As members of the Hennepin community, we all share the gifts given to the Hennepin Foundation.

Hennepin Foundation, begun by a small group of visionary people, has grown to hundreds of contributors making large and small gifts to enrich the programs available to all Hennepin members, visitors and friends.  The endowment that started modestly makes a significant contribution to the life of your church today.

Through church committee applications, Hennepin Foundation annually makes grants for church programming. This money is separate from the church’s annual operating budget and also separate from funds for facilities managed by the Board of Trustees.

Since 1971, the foundation has granted over $2,400,000 to support Hennepin programs, activities and scholarships.  The Dignity Center, academic scholarships, Hennepin’s alternative worship services, and youth mission trips are samples of hundreds of funded projects.

Whether as a participant, donor or volunteer – we can all say – I am the Foundation. To read the latest Foundation brochure, click here.