Global Outreach

Looking for a way to make a difference in the world? Hennepin can help, but get ready for the well-known service boomerang effect – those who serve often find they receive far more in return! Our goal is to engage almost every congregational member in an almost unlimited variety of Outreach opportunities throughout the world.

We offer opportunities for global service in a variety of ways, to either work on one of our long-term partnerships in India, Haiti or Russia, to work with our mission partner at the UMCOR Sager Brown Depot in Baldwin, LA, or to work in world-wide locations through our United Methodist Volunteers In Mission (UMVIM) either as an individual, couple or team. Commitments can range from a few days to several months in relief, educational, medical, or construction assignments.

With our outward-focused emphasis on service, you can easily find a way to share your gifts with others in need not only in the US, but throughout this globe that we call home!