Stewardship 2014

It’s a New Day at Hennepin Church: Giving and Living in Christ.

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As we are in the midst of our stewardship campaign, let’s challenge ourselves with the idea that stewardship is not about church budgets. Rather, stewardship is about God’s mission; stewardship is a way of life.   Giving is not an issue of how much money the church needs, but rather what we share to create and sustain lives of faith. We don’t give because we care about how much the church pays for utilities, insurance, or other line items in the budget. Will there be a 2014 budget and can it be seen? Absolutely! But giving is not about budgets! Giving is about God’s abundance and how we respond with thanksgiving. Unfortunately what happens when people give to budgets, the church soon becomes caretakers of the budget rather than visionaries of the Holy Spirit.

We are aided in our spiritual lives and made whole by what we give. When we do not share in proportion, some part of our hearts and souls begins to shrivel or become withered. This is incompatible with our spiritual lives.

Instead of publishing a budget for you to see during this stewardship campaign, you will see how many pledges are coming in for 2014. Here is our recent history:

2013 pledges: 506
2012 pledges: 574
2011 pledges: 616

Why turn in a pledge? Can’t I just give when I feel like it? First and foremost, a pledge is a commitment, a covenant between pledger and God. It is a promise to give faithfully in the upcoming year. Statistics reveal that those who turn in pledge cards are more consistent in their giving. Let’s see how many first time pledges we can get! Let’s pass the 506 from last year!

Stewardship is an amazing thing because it involves the use of money in our lives overall: how much we believe God has blessed our lives, how much we earn, how much we save, what we buy with the money we have, and how we use all our resources to create a better world. Stewardship challenges us to examine the way we lead our lives. Stewardship is not an event, but a process.

I want to thank you in advance of November 10th for your pledge! Churches are healthiest when they realize and live the fact that the more they give, the more they receive.

It’s a new day at Hennepin and we are so blessed!

Teri Johnson, Lead Pastor

Download Pledge Card Here

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