The Board of Trustees has the responsibility for the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the church and all of the property and equipment acquired by the church or by any society, board, class, or similar organization connected with the church. The board consists of nine church members and each one serves a three year term. There are three new trustees added each year and the three trustees that have served their three year term are rotated off of the board. The board meets on a monthly basis on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The church administrative pastor and the building & grounds superintendent also meet with the board.

In addition to their responsibility for the physical structure of the church the board of trustees receives and administers all bequests to the church and administers and invests all trust funds for the church. The board works closely with the Finance Committee and the Administrative Council in the decision making process for church projects. Currently the board is working on a very exciting project for renovating the interior of the sanctuary of the church. We will be posting updates on this project as it progresses.