Our Volunteer Program

The Dignity Center needs over 75 volunteers to provide service to clients and support the program. There are always volunteer positions available to fit your skills and time  available, however, we expect volunteers who work  with clients to volunteer one morning per week.

Volunteer Jobs:

  • Advocate:  Works with clients in an on-going one-by-one  relationship to assess client’s needs, help set goals, make referrals and provide resources. Six weeks of training including reading, workshops and working along side an experienced advocate is provided.
  • Receptionist:  Manages the flow of clients, seeing that  appointments are seen on time and walks-ins are seen in order of arrival.  Answers phone and makes future appointments. Orientation and 1 or  2 days on-the-job training are provided.
  • Office Support:  Supports the receptionist in finding clients files, assembling and returning files to the file cabinets when advocates are finished using them. Makes copies of forms & documents.
  • Hospitality:  This person creates a welcoming environment by greeting clients, offering food and inviting them to view the orientation DVD.
  • Legal Clinic Assistant:  Provides office support to the VLN lawyers.
  • Greeter:  Welcomes clients at the door. Determines whether they have an appointment or are dropping in. Ensures that people who are drunk or high are invited back when they are sober.
  • One-time Volunteer Jobs:  Dignity Center needs an on-going supply of sandwiches, toiletry kits, backpacks and office/school supplies. Groups can work together to provide these necessities. Groups willing to do periodic cleaning are welcome to schedule a work day.
  • Customized Volunteer Positions:  The Dignity Center will customize a volunteer position for you to utilize your talents and skills.

CONTACT:  Mary  Martin, Volunteer Coordinator at 612-435-1337 or mary@haumc.org.